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Weekly courses:



9.00 a.m. advanced / beginners


6.30 p.m. beginners

8.05 p.m. advanced / beginners



9.00 a.m. beginners

12.15 p.m. advanced

6.15 p.m. advanced / beginners


A small group lesson lasts 90 minutes.
The first lesson is free, then you pay by quarter.
Quarterly fee: 360.- for 11 lessons.



10:45 a.m. all levels

In Qi Gong the main focus is on the health and general well-being of the participants. It consists of individual exercises and does not involve a long sequence of movements as in Taichi.

The lessons in the small group last 60 min.
The first lesson is free, then you pay quarterly fees.
Quarterly fee: 240.- for 11 lessons


- Seminar for partner exercises in Taichi, Tuishou (push hands)

Saturday, 6th Mai, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This seminar is an introduction to partner exercises in Taichi. Seminar description

- Seminar: Self - Consciously to Effortless Movement

Saturday. 3th June 9 am - 4 pm

This seminar is about the inner processes that lead to an effortless way of moving. No previous knowledge is necessary. Seminar description


- Different Seminars at Sommerakademie in Alterrode (DE)


24th until the 30th july


Further seminars will follow.

Push Hands meeting

23th April from 10-16

4th June from 10-16

an open space to play, meet and exchange

No classes on the following dates in first quarter 2023::


18.-21.5. (Auffahrt)

17.7. - 20.8. (sommerpause)




Individual Lessons:


The lessons are designed individually according to your wishes. It is aimed at those who want to consolidate and expand on what they have learned or at people who have no experience in Taichi and want to learn individually.


Price 120.- (60 min.)

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